How to Tie Gele [VIDEO]


[media-credit name=”Image Credits: Ewar Makeovers” align=”aligncenter” width=”640″]Sequin+Gele+1_+Ewar+Makeovers1[/media-credit] 

There is nothing as frustrating as trying to tie a gele when you have an event and no matter how many minutes you spend, it still comes out looking lopsided or just wrong. We’ve all been there. Most of us prefer to just pay someone to tie the darn things for us, but there are times when there’s no one to pay and we’re in a hurry. The best thing is just learn how to do it yourself.

Today’s post is coming to you courtesy of Ewar Makeovers. The video is really short (3 minutes) and won’t eat up all your data. So invest 3 minutes to learn how to tie the thing properly and who knows, someone might be willing to pay you to tie theirs. 😉

Watch the video below and go practice!




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