‘I Did Not Abandon My Children.’ Father of 3 Abandoned Children Speaks Up

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A couple of days ago we told you about the 3 children who have been abandoned by both parents. They were placed in Solid Rock school 8 years ago and no one has come for them since then. The story was first published by Punch newspaper and other blogs carried the story. As a result, the father of the children surfaced and got in touch with Punch, explaining why he has not been in touch with his children and with the school authority in the past eight years.

About why he took them to Solid Rock school in the first place, he had this to say:

” In 2007, my wife and I had a misunderstanding and she told me she was leaving me. I was frustrated and the children were little. Seyi, the youngest was just two years while Titilola was just five.

“There was no way I could give them motherly care. I had no job. As a man, I needed someone to help me take care of them and that was why my sister suggested that we enrol them in a boarding school.”


On why he never went back to check on his children he said:

“I feared that if I suddenly appeared at the school, the proprietor would get the police to arrest me. I really appreciate the proprietor of Solid Rock Model College, for coming to my rescue and accepting the responsibility to help me take care of my children. The truth is this: I was pushed to the wall. I didn’t want my children to be beggars on the street.

All these years, I have been jobless. I had no house to live in. I was putting up with someone. I just rented a one-room apartment and just got a job. I am not a wicked father. I really miss them but I am gradually overcoming the challenges I have been facing. I did not abandon them in that sense. I can assure you that before the week runs out, I will visit them.”

Divorce is such a nasty thing especially when both parties are not willing to place the welfare of the children at the top of their priorities.
Somehow we can’t help feeling sorry for the father knowing the way the economy has been, but these are his children! How does one forget about the fact that he has children who have not seen him in 8 years? We feel bad for those children.

The story was sourced from The Punch and you can read it online here.



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