If the cap fits: Neighbours (A Radio Drama)

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Election time is getting close and the governor is busy going around distributing goodies…he’s taken several bags of rice, turkeys, wine and what have you to the King’s palace to be shared among the elders. Seeing the largese, the King is excited, but one of his elders isn’t.

In another part of town, Zinta goes to visit her former lecturer. She has become disillusioned with life and is just sick of the way things are. In spite of her frustration, she is still apathetic towards politics. What we really liked about this episode was what the lecturer said to her: she told Zinta that she could not afford to just fold her hands and watch things happen especially if she wanted change. Everyone needed to get actively involved in politics for change to happen.

This brings to mind the situation in our country now. It’s almost election time and all the lobbying is going around. We have leaders like the governor in this drama who was content to buy stuff for the few influential people in the society and ignore basic infrastructural developments.

That talk must have really meant a lot to Zinta because her brother ran to the King to complain that his sister was campaigning against him. Zinta became her lecturer’s campaign manager and was so passionate about reforms and change. But the King was determined to put an end to her meddling ways.

Listen to the play to find out what happened. Also, are you a passive or an active politician?

Neighbours is a radio drama brought to you by the African Radio Drama Association (ARDA)



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