Introducing NEIGHBOURS: A Radio Drama


Hi everyone, this is just a short notice to let you know about the new program we are introducing in March. Starting from this month, we are introducing a radio drama called NEIGHBOURS, a production of the Africa Radio Drama Association.

Neighbours is a radio drama that aired on a lot of Nigerian radio stations. It is a serial and like any drama serial, Neighbours follows the lives and fortunes of several characters, showing how they relate and affect one another. The story is situated in a fictitious country ‘People’s Republic of Beto’ and depicts the different ethnic, religious, economic, and political factors that trigger off conflicts. It is a 13-episode drama serial in Pidgin English that offers alternative options capable of promoting and advancing peaceful coexistence.

Each week, we will bring you a review of the radio drama; more like a brief summary on what that episode is about and then we will have the radio drama right here on the site. All you would need to do is press play and listen.

This week is THE PROPOSAL

The Proposal is Episode 1 of Neighbours. It features Emalo, a young man who is in love with his boss’s daughter, Zinta who is sure her father will not support their desire to get married because of Emalo’s tribe. True to form, Zinta’s father does not disappoint. This episode was really funny and it shows how illogical discrimination can be. Listen to it below.


We would really love to get your feedback on each episode. So please tell us what you think about the characters, the drama and about anything at all by leaving a comment. We really hope that this is something that will bring us closer together as a community.


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