Is It Safe to Drink Coffee While Pregnant?

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Is it safe to drink coffee while pregnant? If you are a coffee lover like I am, then you know that this is a constant dilemma. You read a research that says coffee causes low birth weight, preterm labour and all sorts of horrors. Then the next link you click says it’s okay to drink coffee while pregnant, so long as it’s drunk in moderation.


coffee while pregnant
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It gets frustrating when you are craving that one little cup of coffee in the morning, yet you are scared about harming your unborn child. The conflicting information on the internet can drive one crazy. The truth is there isn’t a single answer for every woman. We are all different. What works for one may not work for another woman. It is not always easy to find balanced information.

What do we believe? If you are like me, you probably can’t stand decaffeinated coffee. So what to do?

Is it really safe to drink coffee while pregnant? My personal experience

Well, like I have already mentioned, there are differring opinions. Personally, I drank coffee with all my pregnancies (three of them). Not in the first trimester though because the smell of caffeine made me nauseaus. But after that bout with nausea, I went ahead and enjoyed my morning cup of coffee, becuase honestly, I’m almost useless without it.

I did cut down on the number of cups I drank because well…I wanted to be safe.


coffee while pregnant


What is the real deal?

Jenny Silverstone of wrote a comprehensive guide on whether it’s safe to drink coffee while pregnant. So far, this is one of the more balanced and objective articles I’ve read and it really answers your questions about whether it’s okay to drink coffee while you’re pregnant.

There are some things she mentioned that are worth considering:

  • Whether coffee will help or hurt your pregnancy nausea/morning sickness.
  • How much caffeine is in the specific type of coffee you’re choosing.
  • Caffeine you may ingest from other sources throughout the day besides coffee.
  • The time of day you’re consuming caffeine.
  • The point in pregnancy you’re drinking coffee.

Want to know whether you should quit coffee drinking or simply reduce how much you’re drinking each day? Click here to read the guide.

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