1. This is one of the top three subjects any couple preparing for marriage need to discuss. My MGM and I didn’t and we paid the price during the early years of marriage. I remember silly things like me buying magazines ( I used to be a Cosmo, Essence and Ebony addict) causing serious fights because to him then, those were expensive frivolities in view of our expenses. In my mind, it ‘my’ money so how far? Lol! My MGM is a long term save for the rainy day person. I am too but I also believe we should not live by the ocean and have to wash our hands with spit. Lol! So you can imagine the issues. Today, thanks to God giving us time we are a team with separate accounts. Sometimes one person picks the tab, sometimes the other, sometimes we pool together. The key is honest communication and an ‘in the best interest of the family’ mindset. I like what someone said on your FB page. Each couple must see what works best for them. Nothing in marriage is a one size fits all. Except of course it needing God’s Love at it’s foundation! Great post Modupe!

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