Joyce Daniels, Compere Extraordinaire!

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Joyce Daniels is a professional compere and MC. She is a style icon and a sometime contributor to Naija Housewives. She is also a wife and mum. This extraordinary woman wears so many hats and looks really good in them too. In a recent interview with ThisDay, she shares about her life as a professional woman and as a wife and mother. Here are some excerpts below:

On marriage and her husband, this is what she had to say: I have been married for five years now. And life in marriage has been very interesting. I met my husband in church, and we remained mere acquaintances for 13years…His love for God and passion for Ministering the Word,” attracted her.


On what keeps her motivated: ‘I’m highly motivated by the fact that I’m blessed by God with a natural talent. I no doubt consider my speaking ability a talent, and I want to make the most of it, whether as an MC, a Dale Carnegie trainer or a Minister, teacher and preacher of God’s Word. I’m motivated by the fact that I desire to be a part of ‘the solution’, not a part of ‘the problem.’’

On combining her chosen profession and family: ‘we have a very good understanding about what I do, my husband and son totally understand the sacrifices my job entails, we talk all the time to keep abreast of happenings and finally prayers, loads of it.’’

Wondering how she deals with sexual advances from men, she says:  “I get this question all the time…I may be wrong but I think my job as an MC puts me on a pedestal of ‘control’ and that ‘scares’ men off, so believe it or not, I hardly ever get advances from men while on the move. Those who do try usually apologize and move on soon as they know I’m married.’’

On her childhood and the effect her parents had on her career: ‘‘I have parents who never imposed choices; they rather supported and encouraged us to follow whatever paths we desired. And so, that really helped me, seeing that I’ve chosen quite an unusual profession.’’


The entire interview can be found here.






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