Keeping Safe In Your Beauty Routine

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Let’s face it, in your beauty routine, skincare is excellent to keep up with and keeps us feeling and looking beautiful; moisturizer alone keeps us supple and glowing when we look in the mirror. However, it isn’t all roses when it comes to some lotions and products. Some beauty products out there can actually contain harmful substances for your skin, or may just be being used improperly and affecting how well your skin works as a result. Either way, keeping an eye out for these combinations is a pretty good rule to keep up with. Beauty doesn’t actually mean pain!

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Some Products Ruin Your Natural pH Balance


The skin has its own oils, and it feels good and is very healthy when these are secreted and absorbed properly. However, using products can often wipe these essential oils away and then our skin is left drier than it was before, so the glands work overtime to compensate. This leaves us feeling even more oily and rubbing it away again! It’s all a cycle, and learning the ins and outs of it will make your skincare routine a lot better.


The skin’s pH is responsible for this here, as we’re usually naturally acidic with a range between 4 and 5 on the scale. Using lotions often turns the skin into a more alkaline base, and then we get all the oily extras. So, buy products that have been proven to be more gentle for our natural pH; typically cleansers that are gel based are best here.

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Be Careful Over Where You Use Products


We’ve all heard about the possible link between talc powder and ovarian cancer, so following along this vein, be careful about where you choose to rub in or smooth on products on your body. Some ingredients should never go nearer your more sensitive places, but apart from reading ‘for external use only’ on the labels, we don’t have much else to go on!


If something says it contains no ‘parabens’, it’s a good start, as it means there’s no excess and potentially dangerous chemicals involved in a mixture. However, replacement substances such as ‘phenoxyethanol’ can cause redness at the very least, a sure sign of irritation, and in larger concentrations it can cause developmental conditions. Thankfully, there’s usually no more than a 1% concentration in any products that use it!


The effectiveness of some products also depends on where you live! If you’re in a hot climate, a good cleanser is essential. If you’re in a windy climate, a moisturizer and some lip balm never go amiss. Of course it’s perfectly okay to swap these products around to use in the opposite climates, but they’re mostly needed in the places where weather can destroy how well your skin works.


Your beauty routine should be a session of pampering and self care, which means you don’t want to have to deal with any toxins in your lotions. Be aware of the potential dangerous elements in all beauty products, and you’ll be good to go!



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