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As human beings, we very much want to carve out our own lives and live them to the fullest, especially when it comes to fashion. The element of the personalized wardrobe is very important to a lot of people nowadays, as many of us are deciding to follow our own routes. So you want to look good and show yourself off at the same time? It can be easy to do when you follow your own rules, and use your own style to good effect.

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Know What Colors Compliment You


If you have dark skin, white is always a strong contender for a dress, as it reflects your tones amazingly. Lighter colors like beige, or greys and reds also work well, and can be paired with anything due to their universal shade nature. On the other hand, if you have fairer skin, blues and greens are going to have a wonderful effect for your tone.

Dressing in complementary colors is always a good way forward, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to that model. If you like the look of that striking silver dress, or the gold eyeshadow you’ve had your eye on for a while, buy it and put it on! Being comfortable in your own skin is the most important factor of fashion, so if anything you see could help you with this, go ahead.

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Invent Your Own Brand


This can be in both big and little ways, such as buying some creative socks and bright necklaces, to dressing in all black dresses for the extra impact. No matter what you choose, as long as you like it is all that matters. If you start dressing in patterns and a certain style, the people that see you on a daily basis start to associate you with it. When they next head  into a store, they’ll see a particular shirt or skirt and think of you, which is a nice realisation to have as a person.

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Having your own brand adds character to your outfit, and can be easily done, as long as you know what style you know works for you and you love to be seen in. If you have a few extra pennies, and you want to add on a few extra personal elements, you could design your own jewellery. You could even have your own labels and badges to cover a bag, or a jacket in, for a style boost that’s hipster in nature. Use services like that of Woven Label HK to have these  made to order and done quickly.

If it fits, it sits! Never mind the trends, unless you like them, and use these kind of patterns to your style advantage. Staying true to who you are is the best indicator of what will work on you and what won’t. If you don’t like something, but the people around you do, pay attention to yourself first. You are you and no one else, and that’s what people seem to forget.


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