Khoudia Diop’s NENYO Campaign is Out of this World Amazing!

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In celebration of Senegal’s Independence, New York based Senegalese model, Khoudia Diop presented a range of stunning visuals, which she called ‘NYENYO.’


Khoudia Diop Nyenyo


On her Instagram page, she proudly celebrated her country, calling it her homeland, her heart and her home.

Happy Independence day Senegal!

Today I celebrate the Independence of Senegal. My country. My homeland. My heart… my home.
I am proud to be a Wolof woman, and want to share my heritage and culture with all of you, so you too can see the beauty of Senegal through my eyes. Come take the journey with me… As I proudly present my latest campaign: NYENYO.


She described NYENO as the blacksmiths and metalworkers of the Senegalese caste system, then boldly proclaimed that she belonged to a NYENYO family.


In a series of posts and pictures, she celebrated all things Senegalese in general and NYENYO in particular such as their dance, jewelry and mannerisms.

We enjoyed the insight she gave us into her culture, more like a peek into the person she is and what has formed and moulded her into who and what she is.


Khoudia Diop Nyenyo campaign


Although she is now living in New York, Khoudia Diop lived in Senegal and migrated when she was 15. In an interview with the Daily Mail, she talked about how she was mocked because of the colour of her skin and called nicknames including Melanin, after the pigment which gives her skin the really dark colour.


With an Instagram page of over 400k followers, Khoudia Diop inspires African men and women who she calls gods and goddesses. Through her Nyenyo campaign she celebrates the beauty of her heritage and hopes to inspire people to see the beauty within themselves.


In her words:

Means Goddess in Wolof
Senegalese Wolof
women are mostly dark
skinned, beautiful,
respectful, joyful and
hardworking! We also
love music, dancing and
dressing up!

See the beautiful pictures below:


Model/Muse: Khoudia Diop, @melaniin.goddess

Photographer: Joey Rosado, @islandboiphotography

MakeUp Artist: Moshoodat Sanni, @moshoodat

Creative Direction/Agency: The Colored Girl, @thecgirlinc

Written by: Victory Jones, @srvj

PR: Tori Elizabeth, @stylebytori


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