See-Through Lace Shorts for Men Are The New Trend

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Fashion is bringing sexy back to men’s clothing with see-through lace shorts for men. Seriously, lace shorts for men is now a thing.

Street wear brand, Hologram City introduced see-through lace shorts and short sleeved button down tops for men. To be fair, it was designed for a music video, but it caught on like wildfire and became a Trend (capital T).

These shorts have now gone viral, triggering myriad reactions from several people on social media. Some of the reactions are nasty, some favourable, and some downright hilarious like this tweet from John Hawkins:

And the reply:

lace shorts tweet

One Twitter user tweeted about lace shorts feminizing men, while another pointed out that it was a matter of choice, “People are so pissed there are lace shorts for men. Do they know they don’t have to wear them? Like…it’s not mandatory…


Despite the uproar, these lace short seem to be doing really well. When we checked their Instagram page, the shorts had all been sold out. So obviously, there are men who actually want to wear these things and Hologram City’s Hoza Rodriguea would not be the first designer to discover this.

Cosmo noted that a couple of other designers like Versace and Gucci did show off lace shorts for men on the runway a few years back.


Would you wear lace shorts?

Seriously, we would like to know. Men, would you wear this? And ladies, if your man shows up in this, would you be okay with it?



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