The Hair Artist Who is Changing the Way You See African Hair

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Life is art, and this is evident in fashion and style. This hair stylist, shows the beauty, fierceness and empowerment (yes, empowerment) in African hair  and hairstyles.

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For most African women, hair has always been a central part to our identity. It’s just something that is important to us. Whether our hair is permed or jerry curled, or natural…long or short, somehow, we seem to have a thing for our hair. This is probably why Indiana Arie’s song about African hair, I am not my hair, resonated with so many of us.

It is definitely why Lisa Farrall caught our attention. If you don’t know who she is, she’s a celebrity hair artist who is totally amazing in the way she uses hair to depict the freedom that comes from being yourself.

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A few weeksago, she came up with a collection of hairstyles mostly focused on African hair, which she called Armour. The collection is awe inspiring and ,,, to Farrall who is known for her ability to go above and beyond expectation in her artistic creations. Because really, what she creates is art in it’s purest form.

The Armour Collection

On her Instagram page, she explained what inspired the collection and her deep passion for showing the beauty and strength in woman came through. Her words:

“This collection is about embracing women and empowering women. Highlighting the beauty and strength of the female form and knowing with great hair we can conquer the world. embrace who you are, embrace your hair. Be unique. Be beautiful. Be you.”

Below, we share pictures from the collection. They are truly amazing!

A photo posted by Lisa Farrall (@lisafarrall) on

A photo posted by Lisa Farrall (@lisafarrall) on

A photo posted by Lisa Farrall (@lisafarrall) on

A photo posted by Lisa Farrall (@lisafarrall) on

A photo posted by Lisa Farrall (@lisafarrall) on

A photo posted by Lisa Farrall (@lisafarrall) on

Which is your favourite hairstyle?

For more on this collection, visit her Instagram page.





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