Be Loud And Proud! Show Off Your Beautiful Pins

Hiding your long legs under a bushel is simply not an option. You remember when you were growing up and seemingly overnight you grew twelve inches to be suddenly towering over your friends in seventh grade. Sure, you can reach the obscure cereal on the top shelf at the supermarket, but it doesn’t stop you feeling more self-conscious than you should. Practically, it can be tough to find the on trend drainpipe jeans that everyone is raving about. But, use your fashionista brain cells wisely, and you could find that your elongated pins are your greatest asset.




How many times have you been with your less statuesque pals only for them to be moaning about how awkward the latest pencil skirts look or how horizontal stripes are horrendously unflattering? That is a worry you don’t need to entertain. It’s time to relish your legs and dare to bare them in a range of looks that will turn heads and see you perfectly on trend for this autumn and winter season.


skinny jeans
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Skinny Jeans


There isn’t a more perfect denim attire than skinny jeans to highlight your svelte lower appendages. By selecting a long length, high top super skinny in dark stonewash or black, you will enhance the illusion of length. This hue is also perfect for the capsule wardrobe advocates amongst us, acting as an ideal foundation for many outfits. You could dress down by whipping on a pair of sneakers and a hoodie or dress up with some kitten heels and a boyfriend blazer.


Beautiful dress
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Be Feminine


Although there are times that you love nothing more than slouching in your scruffs with some ice cream and a movie, this isn’t the best look if you’re heading out to meet girlfriends for dinner or you’re venturing out on a date. By hunting down the perfect maxi dresses online, you’ll be able to select from the figure-hugging pieces or the more casual and bohemian tunic style dresses. The best thing about a maxi dress is that you can draw as little or as much attention to your pins as you desire and there is plenty of flexibility to be had with your style choice. You could opt for the halter neck, the open back or the low neckline. The possibilities are endless.




Go Bespoke


The trickiest thing about not having a common body shape is the lack of high street shops that will account for your uniqueness. This isn’t just the case for women with longer legs. If you have a fuller bust, it can be soul destroying trying to find a little black dress that doesn’t make you look like you are bursting out of it. If you have much smaller than average feet, it can be like searching the four corners of the globe trying to find a sandal that isn’t from the kids collection.


If you’re finding that you can’t locate the pieces that you’re after, think about hot-footing it to a bespoke tailor and getting some clothes personally fitted. You could opt for a blazer, a trouser suit for work or a classic A-line skirt. These often one-off pieces will fit you like a glove and will probably be better made and last longer than cheaper alternatives.




Don’t Neglect Your Feet


If you want to accentuate your height, then you can choose from a variety of wedge heels, platforms or stiletto bottomed shoes. However, if you ache to banish the inches from your already taller frame, flats are the more sensible choice. Cute ballet pumps, loafers, brogues and sneakers should be part of your armoury when it comes to footwear.


If you’re keen to experiment with boots, ensure that you select an ankle or mid-calf length rather than the more eccentric thigh-high footwear. This way, you’ll be able to divert attention away from your legs so the rest of your attire can sing.




Find Your Inspiration


There are plenty of taller ladies in the public eye who celebrate their longer pins and show off their fashion credentials wisely. Take a look at the slender and beautiful Nicole Kidman, the enviable figure of Naomi Campbell or the wonderfully talented Sigourney Weaver. While their frames may have at one point made them feel odd, they are now using their more unique looks to carve out successful careers within their industries.


Individuality and difference are becoming more mainstream and are being celebrated like never before. Take your time to find your niche, experiment with looks and embrace your longer legs.



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