M.A.C X Nicki Minaj: Nicki Minaj’s Nude Lipsticks for M.A.C are Now on Shelves!

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If you are a lover of M.A.C cosmetics especially their lipsticks, then you probably should try your hands on Nicki Minaj’s custom designed lipstick for M.A.C The collection is called M.A.C x Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj is not the only superstar that is teaming up with Beauty of Fashion houses. Just the other day we shared about the Jennifer Lopez x Guiseppe Zanotti collection,  which we absolutely loved! And of course there’s the Rihanna and Puma Fenty Puma team up as well. Celebrities are discovering more creative ways to flex their entrepreneurial muscles.




The superstar teamed up with beauty powerhouse, M.A.C to produce a custom designed lipstick that was mostly in glam pink. They recently released the nude lipstick and it is now available on their website and in select stores.

This release actually features two lipstick colours and the copy reads “Get cheeky and  is take charge with Nicki’s two new suggestive shades.”


M.A.C. X Nicki


They are definitely cheeky and suggestive, giving the nude palate a whole new definition.

The M.A.C x Nicki Minaj collection seems here to stay.

You can find the swatches for the entire collection here.

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