Maintain Luscious Curls With These Rules

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The secret is out—curly gals have more fun. Or, they do once they’re done with their haircare routine! Maintaining healthy, curly locks is not for the faint of heart, but there’s a reason women spend the better part of an hour teasing, curling, and spraying their hair to look like ours; let your natural beauty shine with luscious locks that defy gravity and make grown men weep thanks to these five tips and tricks.


tips for maintaining curls



Ever woken up with hair so tangled you’re pretty sure a small animal built a nest inside it overnight? We’ve all been there. There’s a few different ways to tackle the mane, but the healthiest thing to do is head straight for the shower. Find a gentle, easy-to-hold brush, like the Mason Pearson line, and make sure you brush from the bottom up to protect your precious locks!


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If you’re noticing your curls are looking greasy, heavy, or just lacklustre overall, take a step back from your hair products. A biiiiig step back—I know it’s hard, ladies. Too much product is just as bad as using no product at all, as shocking as that might be. Cheap products filled with waxes and oils can weigh your hair strands down, especially when applied liberally (as we curly gals tend to do!). Test out your products one day at a time to see which is the culprit and then banish it to the fiery depths of bad hair hell! Or, you know, move it to the back of your bathroom shelf.


Deep condition your curls


 Deep Condition

While this might seem to contradict the last point, deep conditioning your hair regularly is key for healthy curls. Whether you blast your hair with a diffuser, hair spray, or you’re simply prone to lots of frizz, our curls can dry out pretty quickly (and that’s not a pleasant sight). Find a deep conditioner designed for curls, and work that into your hair once a week in the shower or during your favourite Netflix show.


Regular Trims

Us curly gals know all about shrinkage—and no, not the kind that happens when your boyfriend gets out of the pool. We hate seeing our beautiful locks twist up into a giant pouf, and that can cause us to avoid haircuts like the plague. But frizzy, dead ends are not something to take lightly; they can quickly travel up the hair shaft, causing even more damage long-term. Schedule regular trims (and we mean trims, evil scissor-wielding “master hair stylist”) every 6-8 weeks, and you’ll notice a huge difference in your hair health.


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tips for curls


Steam Clean

A trend that’s quickly gaining steam is that trick of only washing your hair every second, third or fourth day. Washing curly hair can be time-consuming, overly drying, and a heck of a lot of effort for a Monday morning. Skip the daily shampoo and let the shower’s steam revamp and revitalize your locks.




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