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Nkwobi is one dish I really enjoy and I have always wanted to learn how to make it. It is one of those Nigerian dishes that keep you coming back for more…really delicious! So when I stumbled on this recipe from Dobbys Signature, I just had to repost it. Particularly because she makes it so easy. Here goes!

how to make nkwobi

Now, this dish isn’t your average home cooked meal as it’s mostly sold in restaurants or bars as a special delicacy. Nkwobi is a Nigerian dish which Originates from the Eastern part on Nigeria. It’s a delicacy which delights the heart of any man i tell you. Do let me know how it goes once you try it out.

How to make Nkwobi & Ugba
• Prep Time:
 40 minutes
• Cook Time: 45 minutes – 1 hour
• Serves:        5-8 people

• 1.5 kg Cow leg (cut into sizable pieces)
• 2 Seasoning cubes
• 8 Cooking spoon palm oil
• 1 small sized Edible Potash(akaun/ kanwa)/ 1 tbsp. ground potash
• 2 tbsp. Ground crayfish
• 2 Fresh red scotch bonnet pepper/ 2 tbsp. Ground chili pepper
• Salt (To taste)
• Water
For Garnish::: 
•1 Medium sized Onion
•10 Utazi leaves (Gongronema latifolium)



Before preparing Nkwobi you have to take note of these:

For more on how to make nkwobi, click the link below:

Dobbys Signature: Nigerian food blog | Nigerian food recipes | African food blog: How to make Nkwobi


So how do you make your nkwobi? If you liked this recipe, do let us know and please feel free to drop a comment for Dobby’s signature. Occasionally we will be bringing you recipes from the many fabulous food blogs we have. There really are so many wonderful women doing awesome things with food. If you know of any one in particular, or you have a favourite one which you would like us to feature, please let us know. 🙂


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