Make Up : How to Apply Foundation

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Foundation is an essential part of make up. Personally, i am a lover of foundation, i do not even use powder. With my foundation i am good to go, so i do not joke with it at all oo.

Not everyone uses foundation when making up, but for those who do it is very important you apply it correctly because it acts as a base for the actual makeup and if it is not properly applied it ruins the entire look.

Foundation comes in different forms; liquid, solid and matte.

The first step to take when applying foundation, is to moisturize your face, this will protect your skin and will make the makeup appear natural

Apply the foundation at the center of your face, your neck and forehead

Blend the foundation into your skin by spreading it all over the face and neck using either your hands, a foundation brush or foam, ensure there are no noticeable traces of foundation and also ensure your face doesn’t look caked and fake.

If you have an uneven skin; patches, dark spots etc. you can apply a little foundation to such areas and try blending it them properly, so such places will be evened out.

Finish up by applying your desired powder and all other makeups.


Note:  when sourcing for foundation, ensure you get the right shade of foundation that matches your skin tone. When shopping for a foundation, try several shades of foundation on your hand  or neck and get the one which suits your skin perfectly


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