Makeup Tips: Basic Rules of Makeup

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Makeup is an art that improves over time with constant practice. Each passing day new techniques and tricks come out and you see everybody dumping  the old tricks for new ones.

The world of makeup has evolved and it keeps evolving. Before now people used black eye pencils in lining their lips, it is now a taboo so to say to do that.

Today, we are going to share with you, some basic rules to abide to when making up.

Basic Makeup Rules

  1. Always moisturize your face
  2. Wash off makeup before going to bed
  3. Ensure you get the right shade of foundation and powder
  4. When applying your makeup always have a mirror with you
  5. Do not apply makeup in the dark or in a dim place
  6. If you have a heavy makeup on your eye, your lips should either be nude or very light and vis versa
  7. When applying your foundation or powder do not leave out your neck and ears ;this is an important rule in makeup a lot of people ignore. Applying the foundation or powder on your neck and ears makes the makeup
  8. Use a brown eye pencil rather than black and red
  9. After applying your lip stick, put a tissue paper or an ordinary paper in between your lips and damp
  10. Wash your makeup brushes, foam and  makeup bag as often as possible.


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