Making Prom Special For Teens

Prom night is a right of passage, a key high school event that most teenagers will look forward to for most of their junior and senior years. As well as possibly being the first time they get to dress up and enjoy a formal event, it could also be one of the last major events they get to share with school friends before leaving for college. It’s important that prom is a special and memorable event, and there are a few things you can do to add something extra to make it unforgettable.


The outfit

Teens put a lot of emphasis on the outfit, and with more and more ways to find inspiration through Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites – the bar is set high. If money is tight, you can have a lot of luck shopping online for a dress or a tux without having to overspend, and they’ll still look amazing. Try eBay, ASOS, Topshop and others for stylish, affordable outfits with fast shipping.


Getting ready for prom can be a luxury experience and a great opportunity for some mother/daughter bonding with a spa day. Choose from some of the most relaxing beauty treatments to ease the prom-day stress and get them glammed up with fresh hair and nails that will leave them feeling like a princess.

The transport

Transport means quite a lot to teens – most of them do not want to be dropped off by their parents! Arranging a group limo can help save some money when split between couples/friends and will make the ride over much more fun and exciting. You can get affordable limo services from Bergen Limo that will offer that luxury prom dress experience for your teens. It also offers a great photo opportunity for parents before they set off for the night!

The pre-prom

There are lots of things you can do before prom to help add to the excitement and also helps to get parents and family members involved. You could host a pre-prom get together at your home for the teens and their parents as a way to make sure everyone gets the photos they want and gets to do the awkward and embarrassing wave-off before they go!

Leaving them to it

Prom is one of the first real nights of independence that kids will get, and it’s important for you to show that you trust them and that you are willing to let them go off and have a good time. Avoid the temptation to text them or stalk their Instagram stories and try to remember your own prom – you probably wanted a good night without interruptions from parents, so let them have the same. Only if they’re very late past curfew should you begin to get worried.


Prom can be just as exciting for parents as it is for the teens, although you may need a survival guide to get through it! Make sure the camera is charged and prepare to take lots of photos to cherish the memories of your child’s first prom!


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