A Male Chastity Device Could Transform Your Marriage

A male chastity device. Yep, you read that right. It is a cage that fits over a man’s genitals and makes it practically impossible for him to have an erection or engage in sexual activities. These devices are usually plastic or metal.


So I stumbled upon a HuffPo podcast about a couple who have used this device for 2 years. Basically, the man only has an erection or sex when she frees him from the device.


[media-credit name=”malechastityjournal.com” link=”http://www.malechastityjournal.com” align=”alignnone” width=”630″]male chastity device[/media-credit]


According to them, this has really helped to transform their relationship, helping them communicate better and fostering intimacy.


A male chastity device sounds like an absolutely wonderful thing. But I’m trying to imagine the reaction when a woman tells a Nigerian man that she wants him to wear something over his genitals that will keep him from having an erection.


That day, he will tell her that his deepest suspicions have been confirmed. That she is the one who has been standing in the way of his progress and in fact, his mother was right, there was something diabolical about her.


Ha ha.


When you look at things critically, there are many men who need such a device – particularly the ones with high mobility genitals.


Then again, some women have evil minds. If they can lock up their husbands like that, they will wait for like a month or two before they give him even one small erection. Some women are stingy like that.


The irony is that a man who will wear a male chastity device for you will probably not cheat on you any way. Imagine a man trusting his wife enough to give her the responsibility for his sexual satisfaction. It should be like that any way, but sadly it isn’t and we have no idea whether it is because women have too many headaches or because the men are too impatient.


Seriously though, what are your thoughts on this?





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