Marriage On The Rocks? Here’s How You Get That Spark Back

No relationship is completely perfect. Every couple has their ups and downs, even those that have been married for years. We all go through phases where something might happen, and the two of you just don’t click like you used to.

When you’re married, it doesn’t make sense to let these bad spells get in the way of something that could still be special. It’s worth trying to work through it so you can get that spark back and fall in love all over again.

The question is, how do you save a failing marriage? I’ve got a few suggestions that can help you out:

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Go To Therapy Sessions

Therapy is a great way to really get a look at what’s challenging your relationship. Now, you could go to couples therapy, or you could go to therapy on your own. Either idea is fine, and they both serve the same purpose. The therapist will ask you how you’re feeling and get you to talk about your life and your relationship. They pick up on things and ask questions about certain events you talk about or emotions you’re feeling. It can help you think clearly and realize what’s causing the relationship to turn sour. When you find out the cause, it’s so much easier to put things on the right track.


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Go On A Couples Retreat

A lot of the time, marriage problems occur due to issues happening in your normal life. This could be issued at work that is causing you to feel stressed, and you take these bad feelings back home and into your relationship. Sometimes, all you need is some time away from your regular routine to relax together. A couples retreat is a great idea, and you could even go on a couple counseling retreat if you want some extra guidance. Either way, you and your partner can get away from the stress of normal life and actually have time together to talk things over and rekindle your love. Often, all you need is a few nights away to remember why you got married in the first place.


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Take A Break

Instead of taking a break from your life and going on a retreat, it might be beneficial to take a break from one another. I’ve written an article on trial separations before and how they might be able to save your marriage. You don’t have to go all out and separate for weeks or months, a simple weekend apart might be all you need. You both get some space to yourself, and you also get a feel for life on your own without each other. If you’re truly in love with one another, this time apart will only make your love grow stronger. After the weekend apart you’ll be running into each other’s arms talking about how you couldn’t handle being apart from one another.


The aim of this article is to show you there are things you can try to work through your marriage problems. If things start going wrong, don’t assume it means your marriage is doomed. You can work through it if you try these ideas out!



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