How To Master The Long-Distance Relationship

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Long-distance relationships are hard, and you already know that. There’s no point pretending they aren’t, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up on the idea. There are ways to successfully master a long-distance relationship, despite modern day culture often suggesting otherwise through movies and music. Much like a non-long-distance relationship, it just requires work. When you’ve mastered it then your relationship will be stronger in the long-run. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that’s undeniable, but it’s important that you’re not too absent from one another’s lives. Here are some tips on mastering a long-distance relationship.


mastering long-distance relationships


Master the mindset.

You and your partner need to close the distance between your minds in order to ignore the physical distance between you. You need to both accept that this is going to be difficult from the word “go”. You need to be ready to make this work because you’re both going to feel lonely and distant from one another at times; emotionally, as well as physically, that is. The key is to continue to grow together. You need to remain a part of one another’s lives; regular communication is key, and updates are vital. Don’t fall out of the loop. Talk as you would if you were together; let the physical distance be the only distance in your relationship.


long-distance relationships


Make future plans.

Future plans are the foundation of a strong long-distance relationship. If you aren’t making plans to see each other and you don’t have dates marked on the calendar then your distance feels indefinite and that can certainly have a mental effect on both you and your partner; it can feel as if the relationship is over, and that’s often what causes many long-distance relationships to fall apart. It’s vital that you plan the next time you and your partner are going to see each other as soon as you’ve left one another. That way, you both have your next meeting to look forward to as soon as you’ve gone home.


If you both live in different countries then it can be particularly hard to move past the long-distance aspect of the relationship. Maybe you’re both young and the prospect of moving to the country of your partner, or vice versa, is either impossible because of studies or a lack of funds as of the present moment. It’s more important than ever to discuss your plans for the future in such a circumstance, however, because you both need something to fixate on in order to cope with the distance. Marriage is certainly something which could fix the problem of borders separating you; you could look into spouse visa requirements if you’re wondering how this might help you. Whether living in your partner’s country permanently is what you need in order to fix this situation or you still need more money, it’s important to have some form of future plan in place so that you and your partner have a goal fixed in time to work towards.


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It’s a test.

See this as an opportunity. You may have plans to spend the rest of your lives together; see how well you can work as a team and as individuals when you live apart. If you can work well and love one another when you’re both living in different parts of the world then you’ve got a strong relationship on your hands and it’ll be even stronger when you’re both reunited.


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