Mid-Week Productivity Tip: Have a Place for Everything

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There is nothing more frustrating than searching for something you saw only a few hours ago and not knowing where you kept it. This is one of the great time wasters as it can keep you for the better part of an hour looking for an item. The best way to avoid this sort of headache is to make sure that there’s a place for everything. Here are some things you can create a place for:

image via http://elainebutler.wordpress.com/
image via http://elainebutler.wordpress.com/



Have a shoe rack and arrange your shoes there. Better still, once you take off the shoes head straight for the shoe rack; this will ensure that you’re not searching all over the house the next morning.

Image via amazon.com
Image via amazon.com


Don’t leave your mugs on the washing rack when you’re done. You can either let them drain or wipe them dry and then put them away. You can designate a specific cupboard in your kitchen for mugs or have a simple mug rack (either standing or nailed to the wall).

image via andybaird.com


Keep a drawer in the kitchen or your dining area for stationery that you use often. Fill it with stuff like pens, scissors, tape, a note pad or anything you might need to grab in a hurry. Once you’re done writing or cutting, put it back inside that drawer. You could also use a plastic container with a lid for this or even an empty carton.

image via ivillage.ca
image via ivillage.ca

Chargers and Cables

Don’t leave your chargers randomly stuck to the wall. For one it looks really untidy and for another it’s not safe for kids. Get a drawer or a box and always put your chargers, LAN cables, USB cables, extension cables etc, inside any time they are not in use.

TIP: Use empty tissue rolls to hold your cables in place so they don’t get all tangled up.


You really can have a place for anything. This will save you huge amounts of time and help you feel more efficient. If you liked this, check our other productivity post on writing a TO Do list.




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