Mid-Week Productivity Tip: Speed

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Productivity is your ability to yield results over a period of time and Speed is defined as the rate at which something is done.

Speed and Productivity go hand in hand, because for one to be productive, the person needs speed. So whether you are a stay at home mom, a career woman, a female entrepreneur, which ever category you fall under, you need speed in your day to day running of your home, work place and business.

Imagine a scenario whereby you have to make lunch for the kids, tidy the house, do some laundry before the kids return from school, if you do not apply speed while performing this various tasks, you may end up not accomplishing anything at all, this will only result in you piling up your work.

To help solve the problem of not being able to be productive, you may need to time yourself, get rid of distractions and unnecessary gossip,take short breaks to relax, listen to music or whatever eases your stress.

In most cases, you would have to re-strategies, to know what limits your speed, you would also need to prioritize your work load and handle the most important things before the least important things.

It is very essential we apply speed while working, because it will enable us meet our desired targets and it also limits us from  procrastination and stress.


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