The Mini Makeover: Simple Ways to Change Your Hairstyle

When you feel like change, it’s tempting to make it a radical one. It might be the reason to why you’ve kept the same hairstyle since seventh grade, and why you’re holding on for dear life to the same lipstick shade; whenever someone changes their looks, it’s always by cutting off half of their hair or embarking on the bright-lipstick trend.


It doesn’t have to be this dramatic, though, and letting go of a look you’ve been rocking for years is easier when the change is subtle. Here is everything you need to know to stand out with small and reversible changes – no scissors allowed.


Hairstyle makeovers
Photo by Ralph Evans


The Simple Part


Our hair is a big part of our identity and, perhaps, why so many looking for a big change tend to start at the top of their head. Its style is able to frame your face in an entirely different way, highlight your cheekbones, or hide away your forehead; if you’ve kept the same hairstyle for a long time, it’s probably because you look beautiful as you are.


Nonetheless, we’re bored creatures and need variation – just not the kind of change that makes you tear up at the sight of precious hair slowly falling towards the floor.


Try to part your hair on the other side of your head, to begin with. It’s going to feel a bit uncomfortable and silly for the first day or two, but you’ll experience more volume and an entirely different frame for your face. It could be as simple as going parting it at the middle or just laying it on the other side; your friends will notice it too, so the change isn’t all in your head, to put it like that.


curly hairstyle
Photo by Joao Silas


Long, Wavy or Curly Hairstyle


Sometimes, we just want to look completely different without having to commit to it permanently. There is an ocean of opportunities, so choose the style you like best. You can easily straighten your hair out to make it look longer or curl things up, as we have experimented with for a long time already, but the result tends to fade after a few hours – particularly for those with layers and layers of hair.


Another brilliant tip for a mini-makeover is to grab those clip in hair extensions for a long, wavy, curly, or straight mane whenever you feel like it. Pair it with your radical choice of changing the way you part your hair, as well, and you’ll be looking at a very different person in the mirror.


coloured hairstyles
Photo by Kareya Saleh


Add Some Color


For the adventurous souls out there, ladder your hair with a silver wash shampoo – it works best on blondes, though. It’s your best friend to avoid brassy or orange-ish hair if you’ve gone from dark to light, and will instantly make you look trendy and up to date. Plus, blonde hair with hints of silver in it is really kind of pretty, so being trendy is just a nice little bonus.


It doesn’t matter what change you’re looking for; at the end of the day, you’re going to have mountains of great advice to bask in, experiment with, and maybe even commit to a long-time relationship with.



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