Mocheddah Slays on the Cover of Guardian Life, Talks About Growing Up, Life and More

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Nigerian rapper and entrepreneur, Mocheddah‘s rise to fame was meteoric and then she decided to fly under the radar. Also known as Modupe-Oreoluwa Oyeyemi, the rapper first came into the music scene in 2009. Her signature tunes include Ko Ma Roll, If You Want Me and more recently, Survive.

She recently graced the cover of Guardian Life, the lifestyle magazine of Guardian newspapers. We share excerpts from her interview with Guardian Life below.


Mocheddah Guardian Life


On how she got her stage name:

My name has always been Mo, and for some reason when I started rapping I always said Mocheddah. I would go for interviews and the host would always introduce me as Mocheddah. Initially, I hated it and I am pretty good at saving money so people started calling me Mocheddah – initially, if it didn’t pay then I wouldn’t do it. When I made my first music video, Clarence Peters asked, “Why don’t you just use Mocheddah?”


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On why she took a long break:

So when I was 21, I decided anything that doesn’t make me happy, I’ll stop it. I was lost and I knew I was clueless and overwhelmed. I told my mum I didn’t want to do this anymore because I didn’t know who I was. My friends were having fun, making mistakes, living life and I wasn’t. I was famous, I was popular, I had money, I could do what I wanted, and I had a lot of freedom.


Mocheddah Guardian Life cover


What she did during her break:

I did nothing. Of course, I was still recording music and going to the studio because music is my first love. I have over 50 to 100 songs recorded in my archives. I travelled to see friends. For me, that was fun because I did not have that luxury. Doing nothing was exciting, even though I still recorded music and went to the studio, I did it on my own time. I was an ambassador for several companies.


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On her fashion business:

I have a fan base, which has made it easier. I had customers before I started and the only challenge I have is meeting orders, but I do not bite more than I can chew. I also have a factory and tailors that work for me. I can say one of the issues I have is the work ethic in Nigeria, which is really bad. The Nigerian youths are not ready to work, they do not know what it takes to get to the top so keeping staff is an issue because they keep coming and going.


Guardian Life cover Mocheddah


On her recent engagement and wedding plans:

I am excited and I have known him for a long time. He is my first boyfriend and now my fiancé! When I am upset, I just look at my ring and I’m like yeah, I am good! This is the happiest time of my life and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.


Culled from Guardian Life Magazine.

Read the full interview here.


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