Mole Alert – When to Seek Medical Help

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Moles are pigmented areas on the skin that show up as dark spots, they are dark places on the skin that seem to pop out when they want to. Some moles are even considered as beauty marks. Moles appear on different places in the body, some can be found on  the upper lip, back, breast or tops of the feet.

Most moles are considered to be harmless. While some are indications of a disease. Example cancer. It is important to visit a Doctor when you discover a mole on your body to be sure they are not cancerous or do no cause harm.

Things to check for to know if your mole is an ordinary mole or not:

  • Shape: most moles are roundish in shape. If you notice irregular shaped moles, then it is advisable to see a doctor.
  • Size: moles do not grow, they are the same size over a number a of years. If you notice an increase in size of your moles, then you need not waste time to visit your doctor for it to be checked.
  • Color: Change in color at the surface of the mole could signify something, have the mole checked.

Pregnancy is a big factor in mole production for some women

You need to also talk to your doctor, if you experience any of the following signs or changes in your moles:

  • Bleeding or other discharge from a mole
  • It become painful or red around the mole
  • The mole grows, changes shape or color
  • It burns or becomes itchy

Regular skin exams by your dermatologist can give you peace of mind.

Ensure you visit your doctor when you discover a mole or when you are not comfortable with the mole on your body before it becomes too late.



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