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How do you know if the money-making idea is worth pursuing? In the times we find ourselves we really need to get those money making ideas. The problem though, is that many times, we can’t be sure we have the right idea. Here, it is our desire to help you know when that idea is “the one”.  From experienced business owners there are lessons we can learn.

Does your idea solve a problem?

That money making idea must be the solution to a problem. It should make life more convenient and be something people cannot imagine living without (Hosain Rahman, founder of Jawbone is a firm believer of this).

You may be the only one or one of very few who have seen the need for it now but if that is so you may actually be on to something.

Are You Going to Carry Through?

If you are not sure you can put in the time and energy to bring your idea to life, then, don’t bother. There has got to be a passion for the idea you have. There will be problems and challenges as you start, without a love and conviction; it will all fall like a pack of cards.

It is when you keep at it the money will come so, plan to be in it for the long haul.

Are people anxious for your product (or service)?

Even if you are excited about your product others need to feel as excited as you. If you start with a few who are as excited as you, it more often than not means you are onto something.

You need to put feelers out to know how excited people are at your idea and build up from there.

Is it right timing?

Is the world ready for your idea? Your idea should be one that is timely and would make news in necessary circles once released.

Whatever that idea is it could be a life changer, try and put it through these tests and see what becomes of it. You just may have another “electric bulb” idea that we need.



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