Moving Toward Marriage – Your Next Steps


Any long term relationship feels like a commitment. Certainly, the idea of marriage (in its legal form at least) isn’t for everyone. Of course, as time goes by, you may be looking for the relationship to evolve into something new. Perhaps you are keen to tie the knot with your current partner, but life has got in the way so far? Whatever you’re looking for in your relationship going forward, the conversation about marriage is inevitable.


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Talking openly and frankly with your partner shouldn’t be something that worries you. But we all get nervous when we raise the subject of such a big commitment. Still, it’s worth doing to be absolutely certain you’re both on the same page as to how your relationship is developing. Proposals are rarely the romantic and unexpected surprise they used to be decades ago. These days, it is appropriate to speak at length about expectations and hopes and dreams for the future.


That doesn’t mean you can’t start ring shopping though! When you’re looking for a token that solidifies the relationship, you can always rely on diamonds. Perhaps you wish to get a gift each. Male and female jewelry can be selected. Have a look at styles like these Tacori engagement rings to get an idea for your wedding jewelry choices as well. The circle of a ring represents forever, but other tokens can be just as meaningful.


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Announcing your engagement should be a happy occasion, so why does it make us all so nervous? If you’re getting engaged on a special date like Valentine’s Day, you will probably be alone. The formal proposal could take place in private, or you might hold a gathering of family and friends to pop the question publicly. There is no right or wrong way to do this, although it’s worth considering the extra fear factor of a big screen at a sporting event!


There will undoubtedly be friends and family members that want to get as involved with your wedding as possible. This may suit you as weddings take a great deal of planning and expense. Of course, if you’re keen to hold the reins, you can talk to a planner about your specific ideas, or have a go at organizing things yourself. Again, it is personal to you, so there is no right or wrong way to do this.




Every wedding is in two parts. There is the legal ceremony that involves stating solemn promises of particular wording to each other. You then sign the register in front of witnesses. The fun part is the reception where your joining can be celebrated in style. To feel more romantic, many celebrants invite you both to say your own vows and express your love. You can usually choose your own music, and you can often decorate the venue in your own style. Personalizing your wedding is much easier than you think.


After the party and celebrations, your life together as a married couple begins. Not much will change if you have been together formally for a while. Of course, your love will continue to evolve and grow. Congratulations.



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