Muslims in Kenya Are Something Else!

I am telling you the truth. I have seen different Muslims in this my short life, but the Muslims in Kenya…I have never seen their type before. First of all, Happy New Year my people! 2015 was not easy o. The market was just one kind especially towards the end of the year. Come and see as people were pricing rice and chicken as if it was crayfish or periwinkle…hmmm. Sha we thank God for bringing us to the end of the year. As I did not post in the morning, I just said let me quickly post here before I go for my night vigil. We do that to welcome the New Year.

Ehen, back to these Muslims in Kenya…

So that is how al-Shabab extremists (that is their own Boko Haram), stopped a bus carrying more than 100 people and asked the Muslims to separate themselves. I heard that is how they do their own there…they will gather people then ask Muslims to stand to one side and then kill all the other ones. Anyway, when they tried it this time, the people decided that enough was enough. They vexed for this extremists ehn and did not shake when they held their guns. They told them that they will not separate themselves and if they want to kill them, they should just kill everybody like that. The Muslim women removed that their hijab and gave other non-Muslim women.

[media-credit name=”Photo Credit: Flickr” align=”alignnone” width=”660″]Muslims in Kenya[/media-credit]

Hian! Chai, my country o.

You see what I’ve been saying? Imagine if those people for North stood together like this, Boko Haram would have run out by now. Politicians have filled our ears trying to make us believe that Mama Sikira and Mama Chinwe are very different because of the way they pray. God will punish all these bad eggs in politics, amen!

This New Year, let us try and be like those Muslims in Kenya. They’ve tried for each other. That is the kind of news we want to be reading. NH Christmas message was good…abeg let us too try for ourselves so that all these killings will stop. Abi, no be true I talk?


My name na Toru and na me get market for this village. Read the last Market Matters here.


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