My Husband Lied His Way Into My Life: Two Aside

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Good day my wonderful NHW this is the full story of my other post pls hold my ID i need ur urgent advice on this issue before i do something bad oo crying… i got married 2yrs + with a child I’m 29 yrs and i work and earn 50k a month the problem is my hubby lied his way in to my life just to marry me. When we met he told me that he work with the UN and as soon as we got married he says he is on study leve 4 2ys and i asked him how we are going to cope he says they will be paying him, now it’s 2yrs + i ask when he wil start work only for him to tell me now that he was suspended before we even got married.

The question now is where he have been getting money that u have been spending that made me to investigate him cos i now know that he was not working anywhere if i go to work is for him to set at home and collect people had earnd money. So i found out that he has been playing people 419 he collected money from my sister hubby in the name of both of them to buy land that did not exist anywhere and some he will tell them he will do visa for u, some i will give u job and so on and when i confronted him he left the house with out a word. i will call he will not pick only for him to send me text and say if i had not gone to find out he will still be wit me at home.

So i called his parent and told them and all the man could say is i thought he has change he has disappointed me in so may ways even in school, well he is our hubby but pls don’t call me again about my son if u will call just tell me about u n baby. And i say so u knew and u did not tell me at least he will not have gone this far. Even in church he has played people. In my compound too i don’t go out after work cos people tend to talk to me any how now that he has left the house those people he collected money form are coming for their money and some say if they don’t see him they will carry me and baby to police station. At this point i don’t know what to do oo pls help with ur advice ooo.


Hello dear,

I feel for you; this is not a position any woman wishes to find herself in. I wish you could have found a way to avoid being in such a situation. But what is important right now is how you are going to move on from here. My advice to you would be to leave where you are immediately. Relocate to another part of town and rent a place for yourself and your son. This is simple common sense. Not too long ago the news carried a story of a woman burnt by her husband’s creditors. That will not be your story by the grace of God. But you need to be wise and use your head.

About your husband, well you are his wife and the mother of his child. What you decide to do depends on you. At least you have spoken with his people, which is important. Talk to your own people and decide what to do. You can leave the lines of communication with your husband open; let him know that you are still his wife and he is welcome to come home any time, but that you are moving on with your life for the sake of your son. If on the other hand, you decide to terminate the marriage, you do not need to have a divorce. Our law allows you to annul the marriage if you got married under false pretenses.

Finally, I would advice that you talk to a lawyer. You should know that your husband’s creditors do not have the right to hold you for his debt unless you both signed to collect the loan together. The law states that a woman is not liable for her husband’s debts unless she is a co-signatory to the loan.

No matter what you do, remember that you are not making a decision for just you now. You need to do what is best for you child. Take care of yourself dear. You will be okay.


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