Naija Housewives Lagos Hangout [PHOTOS]

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Hi everyone, on Saturday, 21 June, 2014 we had the Naija Housewives’ Lagos Hangout at Lydia’s Place, Victoria Island, Lagos.

We had a lot of fun, but the most important thing was what we all took away from the meeting. Our resident Marriage Counselor, Mrs. Modupe Ehirim was there and she opened our eyes to the realities of marriage. Her wisdom comes form 29 years of marriage, but also from a heart that is dedicated to wisdom.

We have the pictures below. Feast your eyes…


Naija Housewives' Lagos Hangout
Mrs. Modupe Ehirim sharing her wisdom on Marriage

Mrs Modupe Ehirim started out the day when she told us that she had been married for 29 years. We all stared at her in shock (she doesn’t look it does she?) and one of the women asked, “Why are you not insane?” We all laughed and she began to talk…

Naija Housewives' Lagos Hangout 1
Listening avidly

She was not the only one listening avidly as Mrs. Ehirim spoke. We were spellbound listening as she touched on things we all go through in our marriages, but gave us such a different perspective on things.


Naija Housewives' Lagos Hangout 4
Sharon Folly of Sharonita Accessories

Even though some of us were new in marriage, we still appreciated the nuggets of gold we heard that day. There is nothing like starting on the right foot in marriage and we all know the value of getting advice from a wise woman who has kept her home and Mrs. Ehirim combined hers with a career.


The Beautiful Nkem of Naija Housewives


NH admins were not left out either. It’s easy to think that because we are admins, we go through life without trials and temptations. We don’t live a charmed life. We all have troubles, but we know that there is an inner core of strength in women and we want everyone to reach deep down inside and find that strength.


Naija Housewives' Lagos Hangout 3

One important thing we learnt was the importance of talking to your spouse. This could be difficult because sometimes, we prefer to take the road of peace rather than face difficult issues in our marriages. BUT if we want to live successfully and not just manage through life, then we need to be brave and tackle issues as calmly and as respectfully as we can.




Naija Housewives' Lagos Hangout side section

Naija Housewives' Lagos Hangout 5

Another important issue she raised was knowing the history or past of your spouse as many times, his reaction to issues might be more of him than you because of things he’s experienced before in his past or as he was growing up. Understanding and maturity is key in marriage.

Naija Housewives' Lagos Hangout 6

We had a really deep and meaningful time and everyone was happy to be there.


image (8)

Mrs. Ehirim will be a part of the next hangout and we can’t wait to have her there and take part of her wisdom. There is nothing like learning from someone who has been there before you.

image (7)

We were deeply touched by the things we all shared. The truth about life is that everyone has a story, but when we link our hands together, we can draw strength from each other.

image (6)

Naija Housewives are sisters and relationships were built at the hangout.



New friends were made and old friendships renewed.


Sharonita Accessories was there with their lovely jewelleries and accessories.


This lovely neck-piece is one of the gifts that was given to those who were present. Sharon Folly of Sharonita Accessories had something fabulous for everyone.



That’s it for Naija Housewives’ Lagos Hangout. We had a lovely time and can’t wait to see you when we have the next one.


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