NASCO Cornflakes – Product Review

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Hello everyone, it’s a new year and fresh product reviews coming your way. If you have not yet checked them out, you can find all our product reviews from last year (and previous years) here. This time we are bringing you an old favourite, Nasco cornflakes. Do they still have it or have they completely lost it? Read on to find out.

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What is Nasco Cornflakes?

Nasco is a company based in Jos, Plateau state. Basically, it is cornflakes packaged in a colourful 350G carton and it is a cereal that most children love. There are different flavours although the most popular one is the Original – it has no particular flavour. However, you can also get Nasco cornflakes in other flavours such as Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla and Sugar frosted.

My Opinion

I grew up on Nasco cornflakes and have a fondness for it. I really liked it when I was growing up but as I grew older, I forgot all about it mostly because I’m not particularly a cornflakes person. However, I now have children who love cornflakes but I still went for other brands for the most part because I could not find Nasco in most stores except in Jos. Living in Port Harcourt, the stores just did not carry this brand.

I have been seeing it around however, but was not inspired to try it. The carton is colourful but not really fancy and somehow, it looks cheap – at least when placed side by side with other brands.

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Last month my mum sent me a pack of Nasco cornflakes and I tried it on my household. To my surprise, they did not know the difference. The children found it yummy and asked for second helpings and even their dad enjoyed his. This encouraged me to take some and I can honestly say that Nasco cornflakes is crunchy and delicious. I do not believe that there is anything better in the market at present.

This cornflakes got my complete approval. When you think of the fact that others are about 3x more expensive, I really don’t see how you can even think twice about going for Nasco cornflakes…I certainly won’t!

Nasco Cornflakes is carried in most stores across the country.

PRICE: 400 Naira (350g)


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