Natural Cleaning Products From Your Kitchen

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There are so many cleaning products in the market to day and not all of them are healthy. This is particularly true if you have little children in the house or someone with asthma and you don’t have a Manhattan maid service. If you love the thought of using natural products to keep your house clean, these everyday products from your kitchen will help.

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Cleaning Using Natural Products Around the Home

Are you fed up with using harsh chemical products to clean your home? You can make homemade cleaning solutions using natural ingredients that are effective, cheap and safe for the environment. Read these tips to keep your home bright and sparkling the natural way.



This multipurpose household ingredient works very well to clean dirt and grime. It also serves as a deodorizer and disinfectant. Make sure you use white vinegar only. You simply need to mix water and vinegar in equal proportion, and pour this solution into a bottle that has a nozzle top. Spray the mixture over the toughest dirt and grime stains and watch them clean away completely without much effort. You can also remove carpet stains using a mix of vinegar and warm soapy water.

First use a clean, dry paper towel to dab the stain, then spray this natural cleaning solution and leave it to soak for 5 to 10 minutes before dabbing it away again. As per the universal rule of cleaning products, first test the solution on a small patch of the dirty surface to ensure that the vinegar solution will not damage your stuff. Avoid using the vinegar solution on marble and grouting around tiles.

Vinegar removes hard water and soap scum deposits, so this solution is great for cleaning bathtubs, sinks and counter tops, and for mopping floors. Dont worry too much about the acidic smell; it will disappear as soon as the solution dries up. You might need to increase the concentration of vinegar while cleaning stubborn stains in the toilet bowl. Not many people realize that vinegar breaks down laundry detergent. Add a half cup of vinegar to a full machine load while rinsing, in place of a commercial fabric softener; you will find it gentle on your clothes and your skin.

Lemon Juice

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Like vinegar, lemon juice also dissolves soap scum and hard water stains. In addition, it can be used to polish your copperware and brassware. A lemon slice can be used to clean greasy dishes, leaving them with a shiny, new look. Lemon juice will also kill nearly all the bacteria present in your home. On the flip side, lemon juice has natural bleaching properties. The patch test is essential before using it on colored surfaces. You can mix lemon juice with other common household ingredients for various cleaning purposes. A 2:1 ratio of olive oil and lemon juice makes a great polish for hardwood furniture. Lemon juice mixed with vinegar or baking soda forms a cleaning paste.

Baking Soda

Did you know that baking soda is a very effective deodorizer; it will absorb all kinds of odors in the freezer, trash can and shoe cabinet. Freely use baking soda in place of any non-abrasive cleansing product that you would buy at the store.

Corn flour

Dirty windows can be cleaned easily with cornflour. You can use this ingredient to shampoo rugs and carpets, and polish furniture. Pour cornflour over grease or oil stains on clothes; after 12 hours, dust it off and wash your clothes as usual. You can forget the stain was ever there. There is so much cleaning that you can do with simple, daily household ingredients. Cleaning using natural products or cleaning chemicals around the home gives you a cleaner, greener and healthier home, with considerable savings in your monthly budget.

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