Natural Hair Tips from Someone Who’s Been There

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Joyce Daniels

The gorgeous Joyce Daniels is the CEO of Talklogenic International Ltd. She is a professional Master of Ceremonies and her sense of style is incredible. She is a real Naija Housewife, managing a busy career and a successful home life. She’s not only booked most weekends (and weekdays too), she also runs Talkademy; a school for Masters of Ceremonies and is a certified Dale Carnegie trainer. This wonderful woman has lived the natural lifestyle for 3 years and shares her tips with us.

Joyce to the World

As I celebrate 3 full years of being completely natural, I thought to share a few tips with some of my nappy sisters, especially those who may be at crossroads or just tired of ‘the whole natural thing’…

I started what I called a ‘life style change’ in 2007, which included shedding 15kg (77kg to 62kg)off my weight, consuming less/fewer ‘chemical products’ like coke and margarine, to using less/fewer chemical products like relaxers and antiperspirant deodorants…

I actually started my natural hair journey in 2009 with a complete chop off (very near bald)… so

#1 tip would be – ‘have a good reason, a plan & give it time’…

I began to use texturisers for some time in 2010/2011 (as I thought my hair was just too hard), but realised it was the same old relaxing and relaxer I was running away from in the 1st place, so I started all over again in 2011 (chopping off the texturised bit).Therefore my Joyce Daniels Natural Hair

#2 tip is ‘remember why you went natural in the 1st place and stick with it’.

I also realised that the more I talked about my hair being difficult, the more difficult it was; but when I began to think and say ‘my hair is manageable’, I truly began to find my hair was easier to manage. So,

#3 tip….’stay positive’.

At some point I was getting worried that I wasn’t using the right products, or I wasn’t doing enough (especially with ALL the stuff on natural hair blogs), so I spent a little fortune trying to get ‘good stuff’, (which by the way seemed to contain a lot of the chemicals I was running away from in the 1st place). Now, I use a simple NATURAL mix of Niger state-produced Shea butter and Akwa Ibom-fresh coconut oil (for my hair and body) and my hair’s absolutely lovely. Soooooo, my #4 tip- ‘keep it simple’, try new products from time to time, but under no pressure…. My hair shrinks quite fast so I don’t always leave it out… I braid, weave, use wigs and thread. I save the fro for ‘special occasions’…

#5 tip – understand your own hair and stick with what works for you. We DON’T all have the same texture…

One of the reasons I went natural in the 1st place was to avoid spending sooooo much time (and money) on the hair, so I use wigs quite often as they save me time and the whole drama of thinking of what next to do. So, #6 tip – have a standby wig or 2, for when you just don’t have the time (or money)…. With these few points of mine (in my debate-type voice) I hope I’ve been able to help someone somehow Joyce Daniels Master of Ceremoney   You can find our more about Joyce from her website: or follow her on Facebook too:     –


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