Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

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Morning sickness is not pleasant for anyone. Actually, it can be very annoying particularly if you are averse to carrying a tin around like some Nigerian women do when they are pregnant and nauseous. Morning sickness is usually nausea which occurs during pregnancy and is sometimes accompanied with mild vomiting. Even though it’s called ‘morning sickness’ the truth is that a pregnant woman can feel ill any time of the day and for some it goes on throughout the day.

Pregnant women often go through morning sickness in the first trimester. By the time the pregnancy is in it’s 12th or 13th week, the morning sickness symptoms usually go away. But this is not true for all women and there are some women who go through morning sickness symptoms till they deliver the baby.

What Causes Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness is caused by hormones and it is actually a very good sign during pregnancy. It means that your pregnancy hormone levels are high enough for your pregnancy to progress naturally and for your baby to develop and grow healthily and normally. If you don’t experience any nausea at all during your pregnancy it is either of two things: (1) your hormone levels are too low to support your pregnancy or (2) you are just plain lucky.

Can You Prevent Morning Sickness

No not really as this is a normal hormonal reaction to the changes in your body. However, there are a few ways you can control the morning sickness so that you don’t feel completely awful all the time. Here are a few natural ways to cure morning sickness:

Morning Sickness



A spicy root that is found in almost every market in Nigeria, ginger has been hailed as the most effective natural remedy for nausea and pregnant women who are suffering from morning sickness have used it successfully. There are several ways you can take ginger. You could get the ground one and sprinkle it on your food, boil the fresh ginger and make it into ginger tea or you could even add it into a bowl of pap or custard.


Peppermint is an herb and it’s used to ease the feeling of nausea. It is a cooling herb and is perfect if you’re always feeling hot and uncomfortable during your pregnancy. Get a good peppermint tea and sip this occasionally.

Prenatal Massage

A gentle massage can do a whole lot to ease the feeling of nausea and leave you feeling better. Get your spouse or someone close to you to gently rub your back. If you are fortunate to have access to a professional who can give you a real prenatal massage then go for it. However, be sure that this person has experience with massaging pregnant women because pressure in the wrong place (like your calf) could potentially cause an abortion.



Too much lemon might be harmful (read this post on harmful foods during pregnancy), but squeezing a few drops of lemon into a glass of water might help with the nausea. Also you could try some aromatherapy and sniff the back of the lemon or use lemon essential oil.


It’s important to watch your diet. Don’t eat so much of oily foods and don’t sit and consume a large amount of food either. Instead eat small portions of food several times a day so that you’re not over-full. Also dry crackers work for some women so keeping some handy could help.



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