Nigerian People Defeat Boko Haram in Mubi

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Mere days after Governor Ngilari got the judgment that made him the new Governor of Adamawa state, terror struck the state. The terrorist group, Boko Haram had been operating within that region, but they turned their focus and energy on Adamawa state in what appeared like a Jihad. They took over the town of Mubi and gave it another name in Arabic. Then the pictures coming out of Mubi were grim and some, like the one below which went viral on social media were of people fleeing the town.

Nigerian People fleeing Mubi-Naija Housewives
[/media-credit] Nigerian People fleeing Mubi
In what sounds like an epic story, several groups of vigilante including hunters and soldiers from the Nigerian Army came together to roust the terrorist group from Mubi. The battle raged on while terrified people hid in their homes, hoping and praying for an outcome that would give them back their freedom and their ancestral land. Their prayers were answered and the battle was won by the Nigerian people, leaving no fewer than 100 of the terrorists dead.

This was confirmed by the governor of Adamawa state, Governor Ngilari who was quoted by ThisDay newspaper as follows:

“God is in this business of security in Adamawa State. You know in the last one week or so, the government decided to work with the vigilante group ‘Yan Baka’, local hunters and Civilian JTF. We have been working hand in hand with them.”

What is significant about this is the way victory was won; when the people came together. There has to be unity and collaboration in order to win this war against terrorism in our country. “Divided we fall.” Terrorism is not a matter to play politics with and this is certainly not the time for blame games. We need to put aside our differences (ethnic, religious and political) and come together to fight for our country. Let there be no doubt, if the terrorists win, it will be a loss for Christians and Muslims alike. Anyone who wins through terrorism will rule in the same manner.

Nigeria will gain victory over the terrorists, when we unite as a people.

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