Now? May be Later..!

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Making decisions is pretty much part of our everyday lives.  Our world is so full of decisions to be made and actions to be taken Do I continue in this career path or just resign and start my own thing?

Do I write those professional exams now or do I just wait till next year? Do we start a family right away or wait a year or two? Do we put the kids in boarding house now or wait till they are in high school? ….simply endless!  Sometimes so many things tug at us all at the same time.

There are a lot of issues to be sorted out but you can’t just seem to wrap your head around it.  So you just put it on the back burner. – “I’ld deal with this later” Or I’ld just let it be for now? Seriously? Sometimes it’s the wise thing to do simply because the timing may not be right.

Some other times indecision, which is a decision in itself to do nothing, costs us awesome opportunities. In other words, timing is of utmost importance in most of the decision that we make.  It makes sense to wait when we don’t have enough information or resources.

The question however is why the wait? Are you practising good timing or procrastinating? Yeah procrastination, someone actually described it as a thief of time.  You know you are procrastinating when

  • You always run late in getting things done
  • You’ll rather complete a task at the latest possible time than the earliest possible time
  • Your to-do lists never seem to be completely checked
  • All too often you end up with hap-hazard projects or ideas you never do anything about.

Think about these.

  • Why not now?
  • Do I increase or decrease my options by waiting
  • What could possibly go wrong if I wait pr if I go ahead?  Can I handle it? Is it worth it?
  • Am I ready for this?

The truth be told we are probably never100% ready for anything but if you are like 60% ready, then you may want to go for it.  Being prepared doesn’t necessarily mean you know all the answers!

Procrastination, though relieves short-term pressure, impedes long-term progress.  So, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Gooooo for it Girl!  Let’s do this again – Ziba


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