Omolosh’O’s Notes on Parenting: Your Children Are a Mirror

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It is amazing what our children teach us about ourselves. You come to know

  • If you are a law abiding citizen because they will point out to you not to phone/text and drive
  • If you are good at managing your time because they will let you know when you make them late for school
  • If you take yourself too seriously because you cannot clown around with them now and again
  • If you are fair because you tell them not to do something but you get to do it
  • If you are a person of your word because you often keep (break) promises you make
  • If you are the epitome of patience because by their default setting, they will push every possible button to see how far they can go
  • If you are a good listener because they will tell you the same story in different versions while you watch your favorite soap
  • If you have a sense of humor because they will expect you to laugh at their jokes or something they find funny, even if you don’t.




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My name is Wuraola and I a part time stay-at-home mum. I’ve got three awesome kids; they bring me such joy! Their names are Lulu, Warda and Marja (Pearl, Rose and Coral – exotic, I know…)

I am very passionate about parenting, both through the eyes of the parent and those of the child. I am also hugely biased towards women-centric issues.

I run a kids’ clothing store – OmolashO, and a women’s not-for-profit organisation I’m aspiring to be an NLP practitioner; Business and Parenting Coach. I love a good laugh and street dancing!



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