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It is never a good idea to buy movies, especially the pirated collections, and leave your kids to go to town watching.

I have personally ‘caught’ outright x-rated adult porn animation ‘embedded’ within a collection of regular Disney movies. Some friends have also reported the same horror stories.

Choose wisely what your children view, on cable and on DVD, the purity and the sanity of their mind is your responsibility.



About me:

My name is Wuraola and I a part time stay-at-home mum. I’ve got three awesome kids; they bring me such joy! Their names are Lulu, Warda and Marja (Pearl, Rose and Coral – exotic, I know…)

I am very passionate about parenting, both through the eyes of the parent and those of the child. I am also hugely biased towards women-centric issues.

I run a kids’ clothing store – OmolashO, and a women’s not-for-profit organisation I’m aspiring to be an NLP practitioner; Business and Parenting Coach. I love a good laugh and street dancing!


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