Only By Grace: Being a Wife and Mom

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Being a mom and wife requires a lot; for most of us, it requires all of us. You get so busy catering to your family that you often forget that you also have needs. Everyone needs affection and relaxation – things most mothers don’t get. But that’s not what we are talking about; we are referring to spiritual nourishment.

When last did you take time out to refresh your soul?

It’s almost like there’s this desire to spend time reading your Bible (or other Holy Book) and to take time out to meditate, but somehow, it never seems to happen. There are too many things vying and clamoring for your attention. Your spirit is willing, but nothing else is cooperating with you.

Most of us go on this way for weeks, months even. The direct result is that we get to a place where we feel like we’ve run out of fuel…we’re struggling and everything just seems so hard.

If this is where you are now, it is probably because you need spiritual nourishment. This is not just about reading scriptures or going to your place of worship, although those might help. But this is about you taking some time out of your day, when you have the house to yourself and just communing with God.

If your prayer time consists of reeling out a list of requests to God, then you are not really communing and you need to do that if you want to remain refreshed.

See, no matter how much of a super woman you think you are, you need GRACE to get through your day…everyday. GRACE is in capital letters because life can get impossible without it.

There are so many challenges we have to face as wives and mothers; things like loneliness, communication issues, recalcitrant children, house chores, in-laws and relatives, just to mention a few. There are so many demands on your time and before long you begin to feel as though you are being pulled in different directions.

If you don’t hold on to God, you will get to a place where you feel as though you are losing your sanity. Even when we cling to Him, we still get to that place. But by spending regular time connecting to the Higher Power, you come to realize and accept that you can’t do it all on your own. You need his help.

Complete dependence and reliance on God is what will get you through each day. So take time out to talk to Him. Tell Him how you feel and let Him carry your burdens for you. God is always there to listen to your heart and to talk to you as well.

Never forget that this mom and wifey thing…? It is only by GRACE.



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