Over 60 Things Every Girl Should Know…

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Things every girls should know Naija

About life, career, money, men, love and relationships.

There are many girls and women who have gone through life or are going through life, ignorant of certain things that others take for granted; stuff like learning to take care of her finances, or learning to take responsibility for her happiness. These things are not essential for happy life, but they do help to live a rich life filled with quality and satisfaction.

A tweet chat was help on Sunday using the hashtag, #thingseverygirlshouldknow and it was electrifying. This was hosted by the beautiful Glory Edozien of www.inspiredbyglory.com (@inspiredbyglory) and was a #teaminspiredbyglorychat. Below are some of the tweets that really popped out.

Things Every Girl Should Know About LIFE

Life is better experienced with those that TRULY love you as you are. ~ Glory Edozien @Inspiredbyglory Tweet this

It is ok to change your mind about many things as you grow. ~ Wana Udobang @MissWanaWana Tweet this

YOU determine your value. ~ @NHousewives

It won’t hurt as much tomorrow. No matter how bad you feel, tomorrow will always be better. ~ @InspiredbygloryTweet this

No one has the right to treat you any less than you are. ~ Wana Udobang @MissWanaWana Tweet this

No one can make her happy; she holds the keys to her own happiness. ~ @naijadesires

Never forget to have fun. ~ Kemi Lala Akindoju @lalaakindoju

Stop playing the shrinking violet. Own up to the fact that you’re strong. It’s a positive. ~ Wana Udobang @MissWanaWana¬†Tweet this

The worst they can say is NO…even that should not prevent you from your goals and dreams. ~ Adaure Achumba @adaure¬†Tweet this

Let all you do come from your heart. Be true to yourself and your heart. .always! ~ Kemi Lala Akindoju @lalaakindoju Tweet this

Don’t have a dream, go back to sleep & CONJURE one up. Can’t live ur existence on earth aimless. ~ Adaure Achumba @adaure¬†Tweet this

Hold that girl’s hand if you can, help her up when you can. ..We need one another. ~ Kemi Lala Akindoju @lalaakindoju¬†Tweet this

The respect you demand is the respect you get. No one respects one who doesn’t respect themselves. ~ Aribaba @aribabaJ¬†Tweet this

Success in life doesn’t depend on what age you marry or have kids. ~ Aribaba @aribabaJ

Make, cultivate and keep AT LEAST one good girl friend at all ages in life. ~ @Inspiredbyglory Tweet this

Don’t judge others because they are not on your level today. You might not be on theirs tomorrow. ~ Aribaba @aribabaJ¬†Tweet this

Encourage others, the world is full of enough critics. ~ Michelle Dede @MichelleDede

Irrespective of what anyone tells you, you are good enough, intelligent enough, worthy enough! ~ Michelle Dede @MichelleDede Tweet this

Appreciate and love yourself. Value yourself. ~ Idomagirl @ebonyoma Tweet this

It’s okay to cry. ..don’t apologise for it. ~ Kemi Lala Akindoju @lalaakindoju¬†Tweet this

Lupita Nyongo

 Things Every Girl Should Know About CAREER

Always have high expectations of yourself ~ @NHousewives

You must learn to create your own opportunities. ~ Wana Udobang @MissWanaWana Tweet this

When you’re given an opportunity, DELIVER. No excuses. ~ @NHousewives¬†Tweet this

Just be prepared to start at the bottom and work up. ~ @naijadesires

Your health & family are more important than any career. ~ @NHousewives

Know the difference between doing what you love and getting paid to pay the bills. ~ @Inspiredbyglory

Don’t be afraid to break the bonds of convention. Ask questions. ~ Atoke @Atoke¬†Tweet this

Don’t sit around expecting favours because you’re a woman. ~ Kemi Lala Akindoju @lalaakindoju¬†Tweet this

Pace yourself. Nothing is a competition.Add value to yourself and others. ~ Wana Udobang @MissWanaWana Tweet this

Never stop learning or growing in your chosen career. ~ @NHousewives

Work smart.Yes you are passionate but work smart. Do not allow your passion be abused. ~ Wana Udobang @MissWanaWana

Collaborations make dreams come alive quicker. Partner with another girl. ..We are not in competition. ~ Kemi Lala Akindoju @lalaakindoju Tweet this


Things Every Girl Should Know About MONEY

Not every time Prada, Louis Vuitton and Cambodian hair.. Sometimes shares and investment. ~ Almaz’ Fola @SheCrownLita¬†Tweet this

Live within your means. ~ Oyeniran Abiola @biolaoye

Always ALWAYS keep something for the rainy day. ~ @NHousewives

You have to save.you have to invest.You are entitled to be financially secure. ~ Wana Udobang @MissWanaWana

Pay your debts before being generous. ~ @NHousewives

Your financial security shouldn’t be hinged on somebody else. ~¬†Wana Udobang @MissWanaWana¬†Tweet this

Money shouldn’t be at the centre of all you desire. ~¬†Kemi Lala Akindoju @lalaakindoju¬†Tweet this

Make your own money. Make your own money. Make your own money.  ~ Kemi Lala Akindoju @lalaakindoju

You must be financially smart. You can’t carry a designer bag and not have savings. ~¬†Wana Udobang @MissWanaWana¬†Tweet this

It’s okay to be financially wealthy as long as you are willing to work hard. ~¬†Wana Udobang @MissWanaWana

Learn the principle of delayed gratification. You don’t have to buy everything today. ~ @Inspiredbyglory¬†Tweet this

Learn to be generous. ~ @Inspiredbyglory

Be prudent with money, don’t excitedly spend it all. ~¬†Kemi Lala Akindoju @lalaakindoju

Keep financial records.Control your spending. Watch your habits.Dont let money control you. ~ Wana Udobang @MissWanaWana

Traits of successful women entrepreneurs


Things Every Girl Should Know About Love, Men, Relationships

“There are two things a good man looks for in a woman, intelligence and independence.‚ÄĚ ~ @Inspiredbyglory¬†Tweet this

If a man really wants u,he’ll do Anything & Everything to be with u. Judge him by his actions only! ~ Michelle Dede @MichelleDede¬†Tweet this

If you meet a potential good life partner at 21, don’t chase him/her away… They might not be there later. ~ Aribaba @aribabaJ

Follow the strongest impressions of ur heart. Listen to ppl but don’t be swayed by every opinion. ~ Coach Sharon @LadySharonAnn

You are deserving of love and happiness.Never feel like anyone is doing you a favour by being with you. ~ Wana Udobang @MissWanaWana Tweet this

There is no love without respect. ~ @NHousewives Tweet this

You have a right to choose the kind of person you want to be with. ~ Wana Udobang @MissWanaWana

No man can complete you. ~ @Inspiredbyglory Tweet this

Be in love with yourself. ~ @NHousewives

Have a profound sense of self respect. ~ @NHousewives Tweet this

Loving yourself is the best type of love. No one can love you the way you deserve, if you don’t love yourself. ~ @Inspiredbyglory¬†Tweet this

Men like being pampered just as much as women do. Every now and then treat your partner. ~ Aribaba @aribabaJ Tweet this

Choose transformational over transactional relationships. ~ Wana Udobang @MissWanaWana Tweet this

Keep outsiders away from your relationship. Everyone is an expert when it’s someone else’s problem. ~ Aribaba @aribabaJ

You shouldn’t burden somebody else with the responsibility of your own happiness. ~¬†Wana Udobang @MissWanaWana¬†Tweet this

Sex is not love, sex is not love, sex is not love, sex is not love. ~ @Inspiredbyglory Tweet this

Get to know yourself and what your threshold is…have boundaries in your life/relationship. ~ @NHousewives¬†Tweet this

Be tolerant. Just as you aren’t perfect, neither is there any perfect man. ~ @NHousewives¬†Tweet this

Have integrity in your relationship. If you say you’ll be there, BE there, and on time. ~ @NHousewives¬†Tweet this

No matter how long it takes. Wait for love. It will ALWAYS be worth the wait. ALWAYS. ~ @Inspiredbyglory Tweet this


Wow! So much good stuff here. We learned so much and knew we just had to share this with you. We tried to tag everyone we quoted and sincerely hope we didn’t ascribe one person’s quote to another. If we gave your quote to someone else, please let us know and we’ll correct it.

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