Bored With Beauty? Here’s How To Overhaul Your Look

Many people use the same makeup techniques that they learn from being a teenager. Once you learn how to apply eyeliner and mascara, it’s easy to slick on a bit of lip gloss and be done with the natural look. The thing is, sometimes you just need a change. The look that suited you when you were 16 is probably not going to suit you now that you’re older. A change to something more sophisticated may feel like a big leap: nobody likes change. However, this change with your look can be good for you! There are so many ways you can change up your overall look if you are getting bored.

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Makeovers do not have to be expensive. You don’t have to spend through the nose when you discover new make-up products and you don’t have to even overhaul your haircare products. The smallest tweaks you make can make you feel fantastic and this way, you’re completely overhaul your look without breaking the bank. With these tips, you can curb the beauty boredom:


1. Go Glossy.

Your hair doesn’t need much doing to it for a change, but a recolour and switching your conditioner can give you a totally different look. Your hair changes as you get older and an at-home gloss treatment can transform your hair and make it sleeker and healthier than ever before.

overhaul your look: hair


2. Part Ways.

On the subject of hair, you may have worn it the same way your entire life. Instead of spending out on a haircut and change at the hairdressers, get your hair glossy with a deep conditioning hair mask. While you’re towel drying your hair, swap your parting. If you’ve always parted on the left, make a change and part on the right instead. It’s the easiest hair makeover in the world!


3. Lip Lock.

Your makeup may have been the same since you were a teen, so now is time for change. Swap the colour of your lippy and make your mouth pop. If you are used to pale, neutral lip tones, slick on a bit of deep red for an entirely new look. You can also the go the opposite way and embrace a bold new look by going au naturel with your lip gloss. Ditching the bright colours and make your eye colour really shine.

overhaul your look: lips


4. Brow Life.

Your eyebrows frame your eyes and while tattooing them on is becoming a trend for some, you can instead change their shape. Wait! Don’t do this yourself! It’s all too easy to over pluck one side of your eyebrows, so get a professional to shape and tint them for you if they’re pale. Your whole face can change just by having a different eyebrow shape, so be sure – there’s only so much eyebrow pencil you should use.


overhaul your look: nails


5. Nail It.

Glitter is in, but that doesn’t mean you should glitter your nails. Firstly, it’s hard to remove, and secondly, when it chips it looks a bit cheap! Going for a natural French manicure can make your hands look classic and they match every outfit.



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