Which Pants Suit Your Body Shape Best?

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By Maine Mine

You may be able to buy a shirt on sight, but the same thing doesn’t apply to pants. Chances are, you’re going to need to try them on. A woman who’s an “inverted triangle body” and a woman who’s pear-shaped may be able to exchange sweaters, but they probably won’t be able to fit into the same jeans.

body shape pants suit styles


While there are many styles of pants that are versatile enough to look good on a multitude of body types (hello, leggings!), there are some that are just perfect for certain body types.


Which begs the question, which is right for yours? Well, you’re in luck: here’s your answer key.

pants suit for body shape

Pear Shape


You’ve got junk in your trunk in the best possible way, so flaunt it with a flare. Literally. Wear flare-legged pants or pants with straight legs to balance out the bottom of your body with, er, your bottom!


Apple Shape


If you carry weight in your midsection and have relatively smaller extremities, aim for mid or higher-rise pants that don’t cut into your hips and cause an epic muffin top. Avoid low rise pants. All bodies are beautiful, but not all fashion trends are beautiful on all bodies.


Inverted Triangle


Your shoulders are the widest part of your body, so use lower rise pants to create a little width in your hips. This will make you look curvier. Skinny style is an excellent way to add to the curvaceous visualisation, though actually, the hem of your pants can go just about anyway and still look stellar.


pants suit for hour glass shape

Hour Glass


Your hips and shoulders are about the same size, and your waist is noticeably smaller by comparison. Slip into styles that play up your natural curves, like pants with waistlines that fall just below your belly button (mid-rise). Slim fit or skinny styles will add even more oomph to your silhouette.




When your top and bottom half are about the same size, and you have a smaller bust, flatter butt and little waist definition, you’re a rectangle shape. Low rise bottoms, skinny pants and straight or wide legged pants are ideal for your shape since they create the illusion of curves. And – unless you’re going for this look – avoid loose, baggy pants that make you appear boyish.

pants suit for rectangular shape

General considerations:


If you want to add length to your lower half, choose pants that are a solid, darker colour, or that feature vertical stripes. Stay away from low rise pants with a skinny fit. You can also always slip into a pair of heels to get some leverage and elongate your legs.


If you have a flatter behind and want a lift, avoid pants with pockets, or choose pants with pockets that rest on your backside (i.e. they shouldn’t extend down onto the back of your legs.)


Above all, buy pants that actually fit. Size is just a subjective number, so don’t cling to your claim as a size six if it means you have to shoehorn yourself into your pants. No one should be able to count the change in your pocket, and you probably don’t want everyone seeing every dimple and crease. And you probably want to be able to eat without being afraid of your pants cutting off the circulation to your feet.


If you want to rock your fantastic physique, then it may be time for a very worthwhile wardrobe update.



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