Peter Okoye of Defunct P-Square Releases New Single As Mr. P [VIDEO]

Nigerian artiste and celebrity, Peter Okoye released a new single ‘Cool It Down’ under his new stage name, Mr. P. It has a smooth edge with an R&B feel to it and for those of us who were used to the unique sound of P-Square, this does not feel much different. It has the good looking dude, the sexy babe and the signature dance moves.


Mr.P (P-square) – Cool It Down


Part of the former musical duo, P-Square, Mr. P recently split with his partner and twin brother amid a lot of bitter of recriminations. For fans who had followed their career right from their days at St. Murumba’s College (SMC) Jos, it was heartbreaking. Took us back to the early days of Plantashun Boyz and Style Plus, two singing groups that really rocked the late 90s and early 2000s.

On a personal note, watching this single by Mr. P made me wonder why they went to all the trouble to split if they were going to still produce the same music. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it and you probably will too (if you can get over the really familiar chorus). But we were really looking forward to a different sound, to something MORE.

Anyway, it’s showbiz and the show must go on. So here is Cool It Down by Mr. P. Let us know what you think. 😉




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