Love is All Around: Showing the Planet a Little TLC on Your Big Day

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When it comes to day to day living, it can be easy to forget how your actions affect the planet. We’re so disconnected from the results of our consumerism and lifestyle choices that it becomes easy for the effects of our waste or ill-thought-out decisions to slip our minds. After all, it’s hard to imagine that the plastic bag you cast aside on the floor could somehow end up being consumed by a sea turtle who may later die from suffocation. Or how the fuel emissions from our vehicles may end up melted polar ice caps, causing a walrus pup exhaustion, as its mother struggles to find a resting place.


Nature and Planet wedding themes
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Now, if we struggle to connect these cause and effect events in our daily lives, it’s unlikely that they’re going to be top of our list of priorities on one of the biggest, most dramatic and important days of our lives: our wedding. However, there are a few ways that you can show our planet a little TLC, even on your big day. Here are a few to bear in mind.




When it comes to invitations, everyone wants something that’s going to make an impression. Something that stands out and is eye-catching. Something a little different. But do this through design, not alternative materials. It’s possible! Just take a look at pocketfold wedding invitations. When it comes to invitations, the best material possible is paper or card. If possible, recycled paper or card. These are then recyclable or biodegradable once they’ve served their purpose. Perfect!


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Natural Table Decorations


It’s tempting to buy table decorations in bulk. Pretty plastic gems or confetti to scatter about, catching the light and adding a little sparkle to the occasion. But why not opt for something a little more natural? Plastic can stay on the planet for years on end, taking up space in a landfill and polluting the oceans. Something like real flower petals can have a much more classy look and can be composted once the day is complete. What’s more? They’ll bring a lovely scent to the function room. Choose petals that match either your bouquet or the color scheme of the event. This will bring a sense of continuity and consistency to things.




You’d be surprised at how detrimental the mass farming of animals for consumption is when it comes to the environment. You can find out more about this here. So, make a small difference and stick to vegetarian and vegan catering at your event. Not only are these types of food better for the planet, but they’re better for the animals and your health too! Who knows, perhaps you or your guests could be exposed to the delicious world of cruelty-free dining and stick to these dietary preferences! There’s so much more than salad. Do your research for a few ideas to get you started. Curries, tapas… you name it. There’s a veggie alternative out there that can taste just as good!


Making these small changes on your big day alone can have profound benefits on the planet. So try them out!


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