Playground Safety Measures for Toodlers

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Toddlers like we all know are very playful. Who can blame them? They are at that stage in their growth where they enjoy exploring and what better way to explore their environment or surroundings than through playing. Kids and toddlers can play indoors or outdoors. The important thing to note is the safety of their playing equipment or toys if they are indoors and the play facilities when they are outdoors.

Play is the work of a toddler. Playing or play-time is also very important in the development of toddlers because aside from exploring they also learn about the world around them by playing. Playing is a time for toddlers to exercise themselves and let out steam. While playing in playgrounds toddlers can observe how older children play and learn from them.

Playgrounds are places that are either outdoor or indoor and children love the outdoors as much as they love to play. Being outdoors gives them the opportunity to relax and have a good time. There are different kinds of facilities built in playgrounds for children to play with such as the seesaw, the swing, the roller coaster, carousel, and so many more. Playgrounds are built to cater to the needs of toddlers as well as older children.

Playtime is always fun-time for toddlers so, do not let their fun be ruined by faulty playground equipment. Make sure that playground equipment and facilities are regularly maintained. The fun does not need to stop due to avoidable accidents. Therefore, parents need to ensure that playgrounds are safe for toddlers to avoid playground related injuries. Take precautionary measures to keep your toddlers safe even as they enjoy themselves.

Prevent any casualties from occurring at playgrounds by checking to see that playground surfaces are kept clean at all times. Check equipment for potential hazards or malfunctions. The equipment must be properly spaced and thorough inspections regularly conducted.

Toddlers need adult supervision when playing and the older children should be taught playground safety rules such as; do not push the swing too hard, check to see if other kids are in the way before pushing the swing or sliding down, avoid slippery playground surfaces, hold climbing equipment with both hands when climbing and so on. Adult supervision is also needed so that they do not hit and hurt themselves with their toys or other materials when playing.

Careless or dangerous behavior should not be tolerated in playgrounds. Keep playgrounds safe, fun and entertaining for your toddlers and they will love you for it.


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