The Best Attractions To Visit In Port Harcourt This Year

If you are spending the holidays in Port Harcourt this year, or you are thinking about it, it’s easy to wonder if there’s anything to see and do in the city. What Port Harcourt attractions could possibly hold your attention?

Well, you are in for a treat because Port Harcourt has become a city filled with so many things to do.

In this post, we’ll take you through the best Port Harcourt attractions. You can visit some or all of these places and if you have kids, they will have a truly memorable holiday.


Best Port Harcourt Attractions



Skybar Port Harcourt


SkyBar Rooftop Lounge, Port Harcourt

Want to experience life in the clouds without getting on a plane? SkyBar Rooftop lounge is the closest you can get. It’s not actually life in the clouds, but it’s close enough. Owned by the Genesis group, this rooftop bar looks like a lush tropical paradise with the greenery and bold decor.

The petite fours (small chops, if you insist) are really great and their cocktails are totally delightful. If you’re searching for intimate conversation though, then you should skip this place because the music goes full blast and pulses in your veins.

It’s a lovely place to hang-out in the evenings and just chill.


Faarah Coffee lounge, Port Harcourt


Faarah Coffee Lounge

Faarah Coffee lounge is more than just coffee. Well, they say that on their signboard and we believe them. There is a pretty coffee nook there if you really want to do coffee, but you will love their beautiful restaurant, as well as their gorgeous lounge.

If you are traveling with a group of friends or with family, you really should visit Faarah. It’s cozy, classy and you will love their fine selection of wines. Yeah, it is more than a coffee lounge.

They also offer accommodation, but you’ll have to book way in advance.



Vineyard Port Harcourt


The Vineyard

The Vineyard is a shopping centre on Woji Road in GRA Phase II. This is a boutique mall because of its size (it isn’t very big). But it makes up for its lack of land mass by creating a charming place for both children and grownups alike. Kids can play in the playground there or experience any of the exciting thrills (yes, there is a 3D simulator). From the arcade area, to rides in bumper cars…your kids will have so much fun with all the activities.

The fun is not just for the little ones either, you can step into the cool interior of the shopping centre for a cocktail or mocktail accompanied by tasty BBQ.


Port Harcourt Leisure Park


Port Harcourt Leisure Park

The Port Harcourt Leisure Park recently opened it’s gates to the public and we can’t seem to get enough of it. The beautiful greenery of the luscious park is the first thing that gets your attention. Filled with so many activities, this recreational park is one that the entire family will enjoy.

Enjoy a boat ride on the small lake, or play a friendly ball game. Want to get some work on your swing? You will love the mini golf course. Test your strength at the climbing tower and have the most fun of your holiday. This Port Harcourt attraction will have you begging to return to the city.

The park is so large that you immediately feel an exhilarating sense of freedom once you walk in. If for no other reason, the leisure park is reason enough to visit Port Harcourt.


Beer Barn Port Harcourt


Beer Barn, Port Harcourt

If you are searching for a laid back and relaxed sports bar in the city, then you definitely should check out Beer Barn, and it’s not just because of their delicious mojito either.
The dark interior of the bar is laid with stone and wooden panels and you can’t help feeling like you are in some private Gentlemen’s club.
It’s a great place to have a pint at the end of an activity-filled day.


Port Harcourt Mall

Fancy some shopping, the Port Harcourt Mall is exactly the place to go. Get lost in SPAR on the ground floor, or go a floor higher for some high-end shopping. Ruff n Tumble is on this floor too, so be sure to stop by.

Still want to go a floor higher? You will love the little dollar store there. No, nothing there costs a dollar (at least not the last time we checked), but they have cute and handy stuff that’s really affordable.

If you are there with kids, check out the arcade centre. It has all sorts of video games and whatnots. Or go catch a movie at the Filmhouse Cinemas. And if you get hungry, there’s a food court right there or go a step higher and step into the exotic confines of Spice Route restaurant.



Port Harcourt Literary Society Library


Port Harcourt Literary Society Public Library

Not too far from the leisure park is the Port Harcourt Library. Donated by Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), it is home to the Port Harcourt Literary Society and filled with so many books, enough to fill your little bibliophile heart with joy.

If you’re searching for a quiet place to read and you want to surround yourself with tons and tons of books, then look no further than the Port Harcourt Library. The majestic architecture will also bring a smile to your face.


Sweet Tooth Port Harcourt


Sweet Tooth Confectioneries

Pander to your sweet tooth by stopping at Sweet Tooth Confectioneries in GRA. They have the most divine ice cream in nearly a dozen different flavours. Fancy some tiramisu ice cream? Check. What about a whiskey ice cream? Oh, double check! And let’s not forget their divine cakes. Enough said.

Just get yourself to their gorgeous place and indulge. Your taste buds will thank you.


bole king port harcourt


Bole King, Port Harcourt

You cannot visit Port Harcourt without experiencing the local cuisine of Bole and Fish. Seriously, this dish should be on the city’s flag, if it had one.

It is a dish of roasted plantain and barbecued fish with peppered sauce and it’s a staple on many streets in the city.

Bole King goes one up by presenting this street food in a way that would make any gourmand proud.




finima nature park


Go Island Hopping

Bored with the city? Why not go island-hopping. Surrounding Port Harcourt are several islands that are known for fun and delicious tasting sea food. About 3 hours boat ride from Port Harcourt is Bonny Island, an ancient island which lies on the coast of Nigeria. When you visit Bonny, you can play in the ocean or give yourself a real beach experience.

Don’t forget to visit Finima Nature Park. Finima is another island just a few minutes drive from Bonny Island. It is home to some pristine beaches as well. The Nature Park is filled a biodiversity haven, filled with different animal, plant and bird forms.


Statue of Jaja of Opobo in Opobo, Rivers State


Infuse yourself deep into culture and history with a visit to Opobo Island, home of the legendary hero, Jaja of Opobo. Visit King Jaja’s palace and get to see the giant belt he brought back in 1876.

If you want to stick closer to home, you can tour Okrika island and visit St. Peter’s cathedral and admire the 100-year-old building. Or head out to Degema and Abonema and see the lovely colonial architecture.



There are lots of beautiful Port Harcourt attractions for you to explore such as the Port Harcourt Leisure Park, Skybar Rooftop Lounge, Beer Barn, The Vineyard, Port Harcourt Mall, or the Port Harcourt Library. If you are a foodie, then you’ll love Sweet Tooth Confectioneries, Farah’s coffee lounge and Bole King. And when you’re done you could always explore the nearby islands.

Port Harcourt is a serene city with warm and friendly people who are always ready to show you around. We don’t know of any guided tours at present and this is something we would really like to see in the city. Organized tours, cab drivers that can give you informed tours of the city, etc. We can’t wait for that!



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