Prayer for Peace – Day 6 of the 30 Days Prayers for Your Family

Almighty God, I thank you for peace in my life and in my family. I ask that this year, we will experience uncommon peace. Please grant me peace and harmony in my marriage and in my home. Make my home an center for peace. As you do this for me, I ask that you extend peace to every member of my family and to my country. Thank you.


Prayer for peace

We have had a rough time in our country and for some people, their homes have been battle zones. This is the time to ask God to make peace reign in your home. No matter what you have, if you do not have peace of mind, what you have has little value.

If you have had a peaceful home and a peaceful marriage, thank God for that blessing. Never take for granted the peace you enjoy and always be aware that the enemy is working hard to steal your peace. So take time to establish the peace of God in your home.

As you pray also commit your family and close friends in prayers. If you know anyone who has had a tumultuous time thus far, ask God to have mercy on that person and bless him or her with peace.

Pray for our country too. Your home is not in space, but in a geographical region. If there is no peace in that region it will affect your family. The crisis in the country might seem far away, but that does not mean that it cannot affect you. So pray the God for peace to shower his peace on our nation.


This prayer for peace is Day 5 of the Naija Housewives 30 Days Prayers for Your Family. You can find the other days on our website.



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