Prayer for Protection – Day 7 of the 30 Days Prayers for Your Family

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Dear Lord, I commit my family unto you, begging that you keep us safe. I appreciate your hand of deliverance upon us in times past and trust you to do so even now. You will guide our steps and keep us from harm or injury. I pray for your protection from stray bullets, household or other accidents, fraudsters or kidnappers. You are a strong tower that when we run into we are safe. I ask that you put a hedge around us for our protection. I thank you for answering us today. Amen.


prayer for protection -

I heard a story of this woman who hosted a childhood friend in her home. She served him lunch and she did not know she was hosting an enemy. He tried to kidnap her daughter, but thank God he failed. He finally made away with their car.

Do not take God’s protection for granted. We meet so many people over time and short of being paranoid, there is very little we can do to keep ourselves safe, which is why we need to ask God for protection. Pray for divine protection. Ask God to arrest any wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Ask God to keep you safe from any trap of the evil one. No matter what evil is directed your way, the Lord will cover you so that it will not touch you. Pray for protection from sickness and accidents. Decree safety on yourself and on every member of your household. Speak faith into your family’s safety and call upon the God who saw you through the year before.

You can cover each member of your household asking for covering and protection upon them. Pray that they would be wise in their dealings so as to be safe.

You are the watchman standing on the tower for your family; keep the hedge closed in prayer.

Today’s prayer is a prayer for protection and is Day 7 in our 30 days prayers for your family. You can find the other prayers on our website.


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